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About Us

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Faithful to our purpose for more than 70 years, RBC Ministries continues to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to people of all nations. RBC Ministries has offices in 34 countries and partners throughout the world who distribute our resources including the Our Daily Bread devotional, which is translated into over 40 languages.

One of our main passions is to support those who work in ministry, not only with resources, but also with personal words of encouragement and thanks. We understand that being on the “front lines” of ministry can be exhausting work. That’s why we’ve designed Strengthening the Servant’s Heart especially for pastors and ministry leaders.

More than 5,000 pastors and ministry leaders have found a place of spiritual refreshment through this program. And it is our hope that you will take a break and join us for an exciting experience of renewed energy and focus as you continue to serve in God’s kingdom.

These events are absolutely FREE! Everything is underwritten by RBC Ministries, and there is no cost or obligation to attend.

RBC Ministries is not funded or endowed by any group or denomination. We are grateful for the support we receive from many people, making even the smallest of donations. And because of generous giving, we are able to make the life-changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to all.